Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bonus-Episode #34

Here's a bonus episode that's been sittin' in the tank for a little while... Stay tuned cause this week I'm a drop two heavy podcast that you'll not want to miss.

Check it!



joebug said...

This Episode had me laughing, especially at the Rosario Dawson talk and the old matress.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I can ever eat lobster again.

E_Napier said...

His name is Robert Paulson…

I would catch up with the eps if you released them all, but one or two a week would work until you get right.

People don’t really need an excuse to riot. They just need to see somebody else acting up, then they follow suit.

I’m not saying you should use fruits and vegetables, but you can always wrap it up if you’re worried about infection. Just sayin’.

Soundset was dope. And from what I heard, RSE chose not to have the same people perform this year, because they wanted to showcase different acts. It was nothing personal. At the same time, every performer in Mpls has all year to do what they gotta do to grind. And big ups to RSE for getting the free bus going.

Alicia, I was in town for seven days and didn’t see you once. I saw Franz at the Triple Rock, and I saw Noam twice in three days. Where were you?

Cat pee is some of the nastiest stuff on the planet. I had a cat pee in a bed I was sleeping in once. Wasn’t cool.

Bring the heat!